Van Reybrouck over waarom verkiezingen ouderwets zijn (France 24 English, 2017)

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Van Reybrouck:

  • 'The way we can express ourselves as a people, is quite limited. Every four or five years we are allowed to tick a box. Not next to some content, but next to some name, 0f somebody we have seen quarreling on television. And we like the one who was quarreling better to our taste. This is actually what it comes down to. Now that is fairly limited.'
  • 'If you were invited to reinvent democratic procedure for the 21st century, would the very best idea you could come up with be that you would invite people to queue on a Sunday morning, or a Thursday morning, next to a post office, and you close a little curtain behind you, and you tick a box, next to a name?'
  • 'I don't have any difficulty with populist parties. (...) Populist anger, in my eyes, is a gift, but it's wrapped in barbed wire. (...) Populism today is the very normal result of a democracy that has been reducing itself to political parties, television debates, and elections.'

(16 minuten)