Should service in citizens' assemblies be mandatory?

Submitted by webmaster on Fri, 21-07-2023 - 08:57

'Van Reybrouck was on stage in Brussels with Graham Smith (KNOCA) and Namita Kambli (E3G) at the first annual event of the Federation for Innovation in Democracy - Europe (FIDE) on 22 June 2023. (...) Graham Smith's answer (after the end of this clip) was to say that mandatory attendance was "too much of a leap" right now. "I’d only want to think about it being mandatory if I could guarantee it was going to have a material effect", he said, for instance in the case of the selection being to a second or third chamber of parliament. Namita Kambli said she saw the benefits of making attendance mandatory, but that honoraria and some system of rotation were important too.'

(1 minuut, juni 2023)

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