Pro-sortition column published by mainstream Dutch newspaper

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 25-07-2019 - 11:14

On June 29th, a column favouring sortition was published in Volkskrant Magazine, a weekly lifestye magazine published by one of the main Dutch newspapers, the center-left oriented Volkskrant. In her column, "Democracy is exhausting, but how can we do this differently?" (in Dutch), lawyer and writer Ibtihal Jadib points out that democracy has become dysfunctional not because of politicians, but because of the system of elections, making politicians resort to simplistic sloganeering in order to win votes.

After having read David Van Reybrouck's book Against Elections, and being surprised by her own unawareness of successful sortition developments that have already been taking place over recent years, she comes to the following conclusion: "The idea of citizens' councils seemed unworkable and crazy to me. However, Van Reybrouck's argument is so strong that we cannot ignore it. Not the least because qualifications as 'unworkable' and 'crazy' already fully apply to our current political system." 

Source: column Democratie is doodvermoeiend, maar hoe kan dat anders? Ibtihal las een goed boek, Volkskrant Magazine, June 29th, 2019