Miscellaneous Dutch sortition news, autumn 2022

Submitted by webmaster on Tue, 13-09-2022 - 15:56
  • In January 2022 the city of Maastricht was one of the cities that hosted the Conference on the Future of Europe.
  • On January 13th, 2022 the website EnergieParticipatie published an article on sortition ("Citizens' Assemblies can make energy transition more democratic"). In the article, Remco van der Stoep (G1000.nu) first tells about the behind-the-scenes organization of the Global Assembly (on climate change; COP26), and then on how these kind of citizens' assemblies can be useful on the regional level in the Netherlands.
  • On April 9th, 2022 the early-evening Dutch public-tv news show EénVandaag (from 16:24, 4 minutes) paid attention to the French climate assembly. The reporting was balanced, and the word lottery was actually mentioned. Two participants tell about their experiences.
  • Two years ago this website mentioned protesting farmers. In short, high-intensity livestock farming causes the deposition of unwanted substances in designated, vulnerable, environmentally protected 'nature' areas, in a higher magnitude than permitted by law. This problem is not new, but for decades election-based politics delayed dealing with this sensitive issue, making problems worse. Now that the government has been forced to intervene, farmers feeling threatened in their livelihood have turned to blocking highways and warehouses that supply supermarkets. The Dutch flag upside-down has become the symbol of the protests all over the country. Also, some farmers have turned to protesting close to a government minister's home. On the Lowlands festival last August, David Van Reybrouck called for a Citizens Assembly to try and deal with this crisis in a different, more productive way.
  • On 28 July 2022, this website got a mention from sortition advocate Hugh Pope in his letter — Time to let talent speak for itself in western democracies — published in the Financial Times:
    'Tegen Verkiezingen' mentioned in Financial Times