Hélène Landemore: maak gelote burgers beslissingsbevoegd

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Politicologe Hélène Landemore pleit voor gelote burgerberaden die ook daadwerkelijk zelfstandig beslissingen kunnen nemen in plaats van alleen advies mogen uitbrengen aan gekozen volksvertegenwoordigers. Mogen ze geen beslissingen nemen, dan zullen hun adviezen te vaak genegeerd worden, en zullen gelote burgers uiteindelijk steeds meer gaan afhaken.


'A merely consultative use of civic participation as opposed to an empowered will not fundamentally fix the democratic deficit and resulting cognitive blindspots of the system'

'As we now know from collective intelligence studies, the problem-solving capabilities of deliberative assemblies, are not a mere linear function of the individual competence of their members, instead crucially they are a function of group property - cognitive diversity - that characterizes the diversity of views and ways of thinking present among the members.'

'The fact is: you can't increase legitimacy durably, robustly, without increasing the intelligence of the decision. And you cannot increase the intelligence of the decision, without empowering citizens to make decisions themselves, to be engaged in the deliberation, in the agenda setting and the ultimate voting on the issue.'

'My prefence is for a system in which a permanent and frequently rotated citizens' assembly - a much larger version of the Ostbelgien council if you will - is authorized constitutionally to set the agenda and even draft laws and policies, with the help of elected assemblies and teams of experts, and on the basis of the inputs of deliberative online crowdsource platforms, part also in connection to regional mini publics of this kind.'

(14 minuten)

Bron: Hélène Landemore presentation at the International Conference on Civil participation in Decision-Making, juli 2020

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