Gemeente Oxford wil burgers loten voor klimaatbeleid

Submitted by webmaster on Tue, 23-04-2019 - 16:06

"...on the issue of climate change, we need to bring every viewpoint into decision-making to build a majority for action. That’s why (...) we’re outlining plans for a Citizens Assembly, our first ever in Oxford and the first ever by a UK council for dealing with our climate crisis."

" ensure we don’t create greater inequality or poverty in Oxford. Left in the hands of others who won’t factor in such risks because they don’t listen to a broad range of viewpoints, environmental policies, done badly, may worsen inequality."

"Our plans for the assembly will involve a representative sample of citizens, randomly selected by an independent body, supported by experienced independent facilitators. We have commissioned research to develop options for carbon reduction for the city in areas such as housing and transport. In September the council, as sponsor of the scheme, will ask the Citizens Assembly to consider zero carbon measures and targets before making recommendations to councillors."

Bron: This Earth Day. Labour's Oxford City Council announces plans for a Citizens Assembly to deal with the climate crisis, SERA, Labour's Environment Campaign, 22 april 2019