Code Orange proposes citizens' jury for each department

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 25-10-2018 - 22:43

As was reported earlier in this article, Code Orange is a group of Dutch politicians that wants to give citizens more influence, and do away with old school party politics, all within the current framework. Today Code Orange was officially launched as a movement. Not only was this reported by the main national news outlets, also Code Orange's informal leader, mayor of Heerhugowaard Bert Blase, was invited to a popular late night talkshow

Code Orange announced to be on the ballot in three of twelve provinces for the upcoming provincial elections next March. One of Code Orange's proposals for the national level is to put citizens' juries in place at every government department. Each jury would consist of a hundred people, to be completed with several experts and elected representatives. Although not mentioned explicitly, these one hundred citizens will probably be drafted by lot. The aim for the citizens' jury is to get agreement on the issues at hand, to be further handled by the Second Chamber (House of Representatives).