Chris Hedges interviewt David Van Reybrouck op RT

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"With lottery, a subset of the population that is informed can take a better decision than the entire population whose degree of information is uncertain."

"[Politicians] are out of touch, and it might be 1788, one year before [the French Revolution]. Or it might be somewhere like in the late colonial times where colonial officials thought like well, we've been here for two centuries, we are going to remain for two more centuries. And five years later they found themselves with public unrest that had become completely unmanageable. The whole idea that our democracies are solid, unshakable, and eternal: forget it."

"Small countries are now the laboratories for new democracies. And I think sooner or later, perhaps in the next ten years, we will see places on earth where next to the parliament with citizens who are elected, you'll find a chamber, an assembly, with citizens drafted by lot."